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2009-12-23 05:02:51 by ThePdiddlings

Holy shit guess what? I noticed something thats never been posted on the internet before!I KNOW ITS CRAZY! i googled it, looked through websites, nothing! none else has ever noticed this and posted it somewhere! If you are a fan of fallout 3 or oblivion, youll like this. Even more if ur a fan of both games. THe two characters Colin Moriarity, Bartneder and self proclaimed mayor of megaton, a town that was built around a fucking nuclear bomb. Then, there is Sheogorath, called the madgod, and king of crazy people and this big world where everythings crazy. They are both irish, they both have beards, they both look the exact fucking same, and there both self proclaimed kings. Maybe Im wrong, and i know this is pathetic, but its never been posted before so i thought fuck it, im gonna post it. They are the same characters. Look at this picture, play the games ,, ull see!


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