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2009-12-22 17:31:40 by ThePdiddlings

Dude so, life sucks sometimes. I dont expect anyone to read this but this is a call for help. I am a badass animator, except for one problem. I dont have flash. Or money. I animate using my white board and my webcam. Pathetic, right? Anyway, I dont get this. Theres like, all these really crappy animators on NG who sem like there just dong it for fun, but, dude, flash costs 1000 fucking dollars! doesnt it? but lke, if it does, how can u just get it for fun? i dunno, im starting to suspect that SOMEWHERE out there (possibly ovr the rainbow?) theres a cheap flash system. so someone, please, help me. and tell me where i can find this beautiful thing called a "cheap flash system"


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